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NOUS41 KBTV 291209

810 AM EDT SUN APR 29 2018

...Severe Weather Awareness Week in New England and New York... 

The National Weather Service, along with all the New England states
and the state of New York, have proclaimed the week of April 29th
through May 5th as Severe Weather Awareness Week.

The National Weather Service in Burlington Vermont will air special
programming on NOAA Weather Radio to highlight its annual severe
weather awareness week campaign. Public information statements will
be issued daily during the morning.

.Today...    Outline of Severe Weather Awareness Week
.Monday...    Hazardous weather terminology
.Tuesday...     Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes
.Wednesday...   Severe Weather Safety
.Friday...    Flash Flooding

The mission of the National Weather Service is to issue timely and
specific severe weather watches and warnings in an effort to save
lives and reduce property damage. However, the final responsibility
is yours. The best protection from severe storms is a well rehearsed
plan. You must know what action to take when a severe weather watch
or warning is issued. If threatening weather approaches, you need to
take immediate action.

You and your family should have a plan in the event severe weather
threatens. Where would you and your family go if threatening weather
approached or a warning was issued for your area? Would you quickly
be able to find a place of safety if you were at school, work, or
perhaps at the mall. If you were caught outdoors, where would you
go? Give it some thought. Remember, you may have only seconds to
save yourself.

NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio is a worthwhile investment that may
one day save your life. A battery operated noaa weather radio with
tone alert capabilities is one of the quickest and most reliable way
to receive severe weather information.

Severe weather most often occurs in the North Country during the
months of May through September. However, severe weather can occur
at any time of the year and so you should always be prepared.

More information on severe weather as well as forecasts and other
weather information can be found at www.weather.gov/burlington.
Also, visit our NWS Burlington Facebook and Twitter sites for more


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