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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Burlington VT
500 AM EDT Wed May 2 2018

...Severe Weather Awareness Week in New England and New York... 

The National Weather Service, along with all the New England states

and the state of New York, have proclaimed this week as Severe Weather

Awareness Week. Today, we look at severe thunderstorm and tornadoe safety.

When a severe thunderstorm or tornado warning has been issued act

quickly, but do not panic.

At home, go to the basement or find a windowless interior room on

the lowest floor, like a closet or bathroom. Remember, mobile homes

are not considered safe indoor shelters, you should seek substantial

shelter elsewhere.

In schools, hospitals, factories and shopping centers go to a

predesignated shelter. If an underground shelter is not available,

go to an interior small room or hallway on the lowest floor and get

under a sturdy piece of furniture. Stay away from large open rooms

with windows such as auditoriums and gymnasiums.

If caught outdoors and no shelter is available, find a ditch or low

spot and stay crouched low to the ground, protecting your head. Do

not lie flat on the ground. If on a boat, head for safe harbor and

find safe shelter immediately.

Stay informed and be alert, if threatening weather is in the area.

Remember, severe thunderstorms can develop quickly giving you little

time to react to the danger. If a thunderstorm approaches you, take

the necessary precautions to protect yourself.

Have an emergency first aid kit available, including a battery

operated NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio with tone alert

capabilities. It is one of the quickest and most reliable ways to

receive severe weather information.

More information on severe weather as well as forecasts and other

weather information can be found at www.weather.gov/burlington. Also,

visit our NWS Burlington Facebook and Twitter sites for more



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