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  Monday October 14, 2019


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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Burlington VT
1100 AM EDT Sat Oct 5 2019

...A Hard Freeze and Frost has occurred across much of Vermont and
Northern New York...

A Hard Freeze and Frost occurred across much of New York and Vermont
early this morning when low temperatures dropped into the mid 20s
to lower 30s across much of Vermont and northern New York. The
exception appears to be within a few miles of Lake Champlain where
temperatures were closer to the mid 30s or milder.

The Frost-Freeze program of the National Weather Service is to warn
local growers and gardeners of the potential of the FIRST damaging
frost or freeze during the fall for a given area prior to the
average first freeze date. This allows people to take preventive
measures for plants and crops against potential damaging

The program ends after the first Hard Freeze or Frost, just as we
experienced early this morning. The program may end as well, if
the date of the average first freeze has been surpassed yet no
freeze has occurred.

Based on this mornings low temperatures, the only forecast zones
that may still have future Frost or Freeze headlines this fall
season will be along Lake Champlain.

These zones are Grand Isle County, western Franklin, western
Chittenden and western Addison counties in Vermont as well as
eastern Clinton and eastern Essex counties in New York.

Elsewhere, the large majority has experienced freezing temperatures
and the progam ends for this fall. Whether frost or freeze
headlines are issued or not, it is recommended to follow forecasts
and if temperatures are forecast to be in the middle 30s or
colder, take preventative actions to protect your vegetation.



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