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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Burlington VT
1041 AM EST Mon Nov 11 2019


TO: Subscribers - Family of Services and NOAA Weather Wire
Service, National Weather Service partners, users and employees

FROM: Jessica Neiles - Meteorologist, National Weather Service
Forecast Office, Burlington, VT

SUBJECT: New flood inundation maps for Montpelier, VT on Winooski

Effective immediately the National Weather Service (NWS) has added
a new flood inundation map library to the Advanced Hydrologic
Prediction Service (AHPS) web portal for portions of the Winooski
River near Montpelier. This inundation library is associated with
a United States Geological Survey (USGS) river gage/NWS forecast
point. The mapping extends mainly upstream of the gage, but also
downstream to the mouth of the Dog River.

Inundation maps provide information on the spatial extent and
depth of flood waters in the vicinity of NWS river forecast
points. Users will be able to display flood inundation maps for
various levels ranging from minor flooding through and/or above
the largest observed flood.

Flood inundation maps, combined with river observations and NWS
forecasts enhance the communication of flood risk, provide users
with additional information to better mitigate the impacts of
flooding, and build more resilient communities.

These flood inundation maps and associated geospatial data
(shapefiles) can be accessed through the AHPS portal:


A user guide for the flood inundation map web interface is
available at:


These inundation maps were developed by the United States Army
Corps of Engineers - New York District at:


If you have any questions or comments, please contact:

Jessica Neiles
National Weather Service, Burlington, VT
Phone: 802-862-2475
Email: jessica.neiles@noaa.gov


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